Your Floors Before and After Dalworth


You know every spot, crack and blemish in your home better than anyone, whether it be a couch cushion stain or a scratched-up spot of wood flooring. You may go to extra lengths to keep your floors’ imperfections out of view when guests come over, but the simplest and most effective solution is to let […]

Defend Against Spring Allergies


In the springtime the birds begin chirping, the grass turns green, the flowers bloom, noses clog, people sneeze and heads begin to hurt. As Mother Nature begins to turn out in full bloom, so do many peoples’ allergies. Some people suffer from seasonal allergies, while others are plagued by them all year. In any case it is important to know what allergens your body responds negatively to and how to reduce them.

Using area rugs to protect your flooring


Area rugs are a beautiful way to complement the natural look of hardwood flooring, polished concrete or tile, and to provide a cozy place to gather as a family. Area rugs can also help protect your floors from stains and everyday wear-and-tear. You should, however, consider how your rugs will impact your new floors. After […]